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 Republican Friends,

You are invited to the inaugural lecture of a series designed to provide a deeper understanding of some of the key political issues facing the nation. The intent is to use the knowledge of experts to arm us with facts and arguments (potentially to win people over to our side). The Speaker series hosted by the Republican National Committeeman & Saint Anselm Institute of Politics.

The series is: “Beyond the Soundbites” – Facts and Detailed Discussion on Issues Facing the Nation. Lecture topics in 2022 will include National Security, Education, Crime, Economy/Inflation and Immigration.

The inaugural lecture is 15 March – “Wokeness in the CIA & the Military and other security threats facing America”

Guest Lecturer: Michael Waller, Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy

Chris Ager

RNC Committeeman, NH

603.318.4437 c

Hillsborough County to Host
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
April 7, 2022

 The Hillsborough County Republican Committee’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is planned for April 7th, 2022 in Manchester, NH. Our speaker for the evening will be Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.Please see this flyer for more information and how to buy tickets.

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Poll Challengers, Poll Watchers, and Election Inspectors

NBRC Friends and Members,

For those who may have wanted to join last Thursdays meeting for poll challengers, poll watchers and election inspectors, but were unable to attend,

Please find the presentations that were used in the initial kickoff meeting.

There will be more meetings to follow if you are interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bill McFadden

New Boston Republican Committee Chair

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Help us defeat Rep Marsh!

Friends, Do you want to a see a state representative that was elected as a Republican — then switched parties to become a Democrat — win a seat in the state senate?

Neither do we!

This past week, Republican-turned-Democrat state representative Bill Marsh announced that he is running for NH state senate in District 3.

Marsh ran as a Republican and was elected as a Republican. Voters in his district did not elect a him to join the far-left Democrats and their liberal allies, but that’s exactly what he did.

          Now he wants a promotion to the state senate?

 Help us defeat Rep Marsh! Contribute $15, $25 or $100 the the NH Senate  Republicans! (Secure link)

Let’s send a message to Rep Marsh and his new Democrat friends that the voters want a responsible, conservative Republican majority — not another flip-flopping politician.

Thank you,

NH Senate Republicans

P.S. Rep Marsh made it clear where he stands when he abandoned his voters and joined with the party of higher property taxes, an income and sales tax, bigger government, more restrictions and less personal freedom!

Chuck Morse for U. S. Senate

Friend,If you haven’t heard yet, I wanted to be sure to tell you first – I am running for the United States Senate here in New Hampshire in 2022.I grew up poor, worked my way through college and over 30 years ago started Freshwater Farms. Back then it was 3 acres, a lot of dirt, a pile of debt and a dream. Today we have grown to more than 13 acres and 50 employees.I have lived the American Dream and the New Hampshire Dream and that’s why I wanted to give back to the state that has given me so much.I did that by volunteering on local boards, then serving on the Board of Selectmen, as Town Moderator, as a State Representative, and now as your Senate President.Over these past years we’ve been able to accomplish so much to help New Hampshire families – we’ve cut taxes, balanced budgets, created more choice in education, and ensured our freedoms were protected.Will you help me bring this leadership to Washington so we can have a Senator who stands up for the 603?
Despite our success here in New Hampshire, there’s been one thing that’s been holding us back – Washington, DC.Progressive Democrats have threatened to undo all of our hard work by trying to remake our nation into something few of us recognize, and even fewer of us want.Through it all, Maggie Hassan has simply stood by watching it all happen, and doing nothing to stop it.But I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and do nothing – I’m going to be the fighter our state needs to keep the American Dream alive here in New Hampshire. I know I can’t do it alone, though… Can I count on your support so that we can get New Hampshire represented in Washington – not Washington represented in New Hampshire
Thank you for joining me, Chuck Morse
 Paid for by Friends of Chuck Morse