Letters to the Editor

Negron for NH

October 26. 2018 6:43PM

To the Editor: Steve Negron truly embodies the small-town values that New Hampshire families stand for. He spent 15 years serving in the Air Force in the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Combat Crew and later in the Air Force Space Command. After retiring, Steve opened his own company. He has used (his) leadership expertise to assist him as a state rep.

He has earned the respect of his colleagues at the State House. He believes our small town, local values are not being well-represented in Washington. He knows we are worried about issues such as public safety, debt, border security, and veteran issues. As a representative he voted to lower taxes, cut the regulations that are strangling small businesses, and create an environment that allows businesses and individuals to thrive. Send Steve Negron to Washington on Nov. 6.



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