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The stakes in New Hampshire are at an all time high. With New Hampshire Democrats openly touting “broad based taxes,” including income, sales and payroll taxes, we are one election away from seeing the New Hampshire advantage disappear forever. 

Our state needs a firewall to stop terrible legislation supported by House Democrats which will hurt small businesses and families already struggling during these difficult times. That is why Governor Sununu and I have teamed up to host a fundraiser to take back the New Hampshire House. We need to elect more commonsense, fiscally conservative House Republicans who will stand up for Granite State values and save our state from a far left takeover. 

In addition to Democrats destroying the NH Advantage through tax increases and other irresponsible legislation, we are also at a critical juncture because the once a decade event of redistricting Congressional, state house, senate and executive council districts will occur in 2021. If Democrats are in charge, they will seek to gerrymander these seats to their advantage and New Hampshire will look very different for the next ten years. That is why we have to elect more House Republicans. 

To win in November, New Hampshire Republicans must work together to retake the State House, and save the New Hampshire advantage. I am asking you to join me and Governor Sununu in Manchester on August 6th.


Kelly Ayotte

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Thank you to those who have already committed to a sponsorship:

Governor Craig Benson

Kelly PAC

Freedom Energy Logistics

Great North Property Management

Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center

Baxter for New Hampshire

New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association

New Hampshire Association of Insurance Agents

Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire

Bankers Association of New Hampshire

Spectrum Marketing Companies

Tom Colantuono, Ward Law

Orr and Reno

Dick Anagnost

Juliana Bergeron

Bruce Berke, Sheehan Phinney Capitol Group

Lauren and Dave Carney

Andy Crews

Stewart Levenson

Steven Lewis

Jay Lucas

Matt Mayberry

Jim Morgan

Matt Mowers

Renee and Daniel Plumber

Kurt Strandson

Phillip Taub

Harold Turner

Paul Young

Paid for by the Committee to Elect House Republicans
Rep. Dick Hinch, Chairman
75 S. Main Street, Unit 7, Box 159 – Concord, NH 03301