New Boston Republican Committee.

With just a few short weeks left to the general election, it is important that we get the word out how important it is for everyone to get out and vote on November 3rd. If you are choosing to vote via absentee ballot, please be sure to request it from your town clerk sooner rather than later. Every vote counts in the most important election of our lifetime. This election will fundamentally change what this country will become if the radical left regain control, and it will not be for the better. As the saying goes, this isn’t your parents democratic party anymore. This is about socialism taking a stronghold and if that happens, there is no turning back. With that said, we need everyone’s help in getting this message across to people. Chat with your neighbors, friends, and relatives. Some people don’t like to discuss politics, but again, it is important for every American to understand the ramifications of this election if the wrong party is put in power. This holds true for all elected positions that people are running for. From the county level, state level, and federal level. We can’t vote straight ticket any longer in New Hampshire, so please be sure to mark your ballots for all of the republican candidates that are running. 
We are still looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist with poll watching and poll challengers on November 3rd. We will also need people to be outside holding the totem signs for our candidates. Per NH state law, these signs MUST be manned at all times. It will be November, so its going to be cool outside. The more people we have the better as we can establish shifts. We can rotate people inside and outside as needed. This will apply to both Mont Vernon and New Boston. 
If you had a chance to look at this month’s local paper, in New Boston, it’s the Beacon, it was inundated with Democrat write ups. Please submit a letter to the editor on how you feel about the upcoming elections, a particular candidate, or something you are passionate about that is political in nature. You can e-mail your letter to All entries must be submitted by October 9th.
We had a great time with the roadside cleanup yesterday. Its fun and its nice giving back to our community. Thanks for all who turned out and thank you to April for putting it together and thanks to Toni for the treats. 
Out next meeting will be held at the New Boston Baptist church once again on October 13th at 7PM. This will be our final meeting prior to the election that our candidates get to meet and greet their constituents and answer questions. 
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Bill McFaddenNew Boston Republican Committee Chair

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