Election Update

There has been a lot of speculation about the confidence in our voting machines across the country and here in NH.  The GOP is very serious about election integrity and will continue to oversee and review any irregularities, especially in the disputed states. The National Party is looking into the Dominion voting machines/software in Georgia and Michigan. Where warranted, we will seek criminal proceedings if fraud is uncovered.  

As of today, there have been 15 recounts in NH from the November 3rd General election. In all 15 cases, the original winner was verified. The only race that had a “head scratching”  anomaly  was the Windham State Representative race. The Secretary of State’s office and local officials are reviewing. One possible reason for all Republicans picking up approximately 300 votes in Windham is that the “non-mask” cast ballots were not fed through the machine. This will continue to be reviewed.

As far as NH is concerned, the Secretary of State’s office confirmed that we use neither  the Dominion machines nor software that is in dispute. They also reminded us of a past statewide Presidential Primary recount requested by a candidate that resulted in negligible changes. 

According to officials in the Secretary of State’s office, ” The AccuVote optical scanning device, version 1.96.13 is the only ballot counting device approved for use in New Hampshire elections. RSA 565:41.  The AccuVote optical scanner used in New Hampshire uses only firmware on the device, permanent software programmed into read-only memory in the device.  The Ballot Law Commission met on April 20, 2010 and approved the 1.96.13 firmware chip, to replace the 1.94w firmware chip.  This upgrade was programmed by Diebold/Premier and executed by LHS Associates, the vendor that provides the device and maintenance to the towns, during their standard maintenance calls prior to the 2010 State Primary. This was the most recent software update to the firmware on the AccuVote device. ” 

After election certification we will again look at the security and verification of our voting hardware and software. There is neither evidence of any broad irregularities in our election here nor any reason to doubt the outcome of the vote. As hard as it may be to absorb, there appears to be no reason to question our vote results at the federal level. We will remain vigilant and keep you informed if anything further is discovered.

 Chris Ager
NH National Committeeman

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