From the Desk of Chairman Stepanek

Democrats are doing what they do best: using our mental health crisis to push their extreme agenda to restrict our rights to keep and bear arms. Democrats both Nationally and locally will continue to push their agenda at the cost of your rights – it’s time to put a stop to this.

As they took back control in D.C. in January the Democrats made it clear that new gun control legislation was an integral part of their agenda. In early March, H.R. 1446 was introduced to the United States House of Representatives, a bill which imposes erroneous restrictions on the Second Amendment. States like Colorado sadly have the most stringent gun control laws on the books but they unfortunately do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. These laws only infringe on law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense – the very same patriotic citizens who might prevent tragedies. These proposal just move us one step closer to what Democrats have long sought: a national gun owner registry.

It is ironic that the people parroting the phrase “Common Sense Gun Reform” don’t know the first thing about the right to keep and bear arms. Squad Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) was recently quoted as saying, “The trauma of gun violence in our communities is endless. It’s time we abolish the filibuster and pass meaningful gun control legislation – background checks, automatic weapons ban, gun licensing, and so much more.”

No, Congresswoman Pressley, gun violence is not endless and it’s happening mostly in cities run by Democrats. Any firearm owner could tell you that background checks are already in place. Automatic weapons have been banned in the United States for nearly 40 years. They let slip what they’re really after – an end to the filibuster, and free rein to pass whatever legislation they would like.

 Here in New Hampshire, our local Democrats are no different. Just last year they tried to force through a “Red Flag” law which would have allowed an individual’s firearms to be taken by any judge without due process. Thankfully

that bill and other pieces of legislation that infringed on the Second Amendment were vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu. More recently Congressman Chris Pappas has promoted #GunReformNow on twitter, and Ann Kuster has co-sponsored the aforementioned H.R. 1446. If the Democrats have it their way and retake the New Hampshire Legislature in 2022, you can be sure that these radical policies will crop up once more.

 By contrast, New Hampshire Republicans are taking steps to preserve our Second Amendment and Article 2a rights – even against infringements by the Federal government. Earlier this month, Republicans in the New Hampshire Senate proposed Senate Bill 154 which prohibits the enforcement of any Presidential Executive Order which restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms. We view our Second Amendment and Article 2a rights not simply as important rights, but fundamental ones.

Can you donate $20, 22, $50, or even $100 today to help us protect the Second Amendment and Article 2a right here in New Hampshire?

 We need to stop the Democrats and their gun grab both in New Hampshire and in D.C. and we need your help to do so. The Democrats are asking for an inch, but they will take a mile as soon as they can. Once your rights are gone, they’re never going to come back. We need your support to fight back against their agenda before it’s too late.


 Stephen Stepanek
NHGOP Chairman

P.S. The Democrats are using any excuse necessary to get what they already wanted – gun control. They are already exploiting the tragedies in Colorado and Georgia to propose sweeping gun-control measures which would never have prevented these acts from happening, and would only serve to harm law-abiding citizens. We need your support to fight back and stop the Democrats’ proposed gun grab.

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