NHGOP Statement on Biden Address

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‍Maya Harvey
Concord, NH –  NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement after President Joe Biden’s lackluster address to Congress:

“In only 100 days, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have created a laundry list of problems for the American people. President Biden began his term at the White House by hosting a sluggish Covid-19 response, while refusing to engage in clarifying dialogue with state leadership. He went on to target the pockets of Americans in his non-infrastructure, infrastructure plan – with a $2 trillion dollar tax hike. Since less than 10% of the plan went to actual elements of infrastructure, it’s no surprise he’s already released a second plan – this time with a price tag of $4 trillion dollars. This is the last action that should be taken against families and small businesses financially recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile Vice President Harris’ refusal to visit our southern border has led to a critical state of crisis, and Harris laughs while states directly suffer from her lack of leadership. As the radical left applauds the failures of Biden and Harris, Republicans will continue working to earn the votes of Granite Staters and take back U.S. House and Senate Majorities in 2022.”




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