Help us defeat Rep Marsh!

Friends, Do you want to a see a state representative that was elected as a Republican — then switched parties to become a Democrat — win a seat in the state senate?

Neither do we!

This past week, Republican-turned-Democrat state representative Bill Marsh announced that he is running for NH state senate in District 3.

Marsh ran as a Republican and was elected as a Republican. Voters in his district did not elect a him to join the far-left Democrats and their liberal allies, but that’s exactly what he did.

          Now he wants a promotion to the state senate?

 Help us defeat Rep Marsh! Contribute $15, $25 or $100 the the NH Senate  Republicans! (Secure link)

Let’s send a message to Rep Marsh and his new Democrat friends that the voters want a responsible, conservative Republican majority — not another flip-flopping politician.

Thank you,

NH Senate Republicans

P.S. Rep Marsh made it clear where he stands when he abandoned his voters and joined with the party of higher property taxes, an income and sales tax, bigger government, more restrictions and less personal freedom!

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