REP LEN TURCOTTE: Democrats Are the Real ‘Extremists’
Posted at NH Journal

These days, Democrats use the word “extremists” to describe Republicans as often as most of us use the word “the” when we speak.

With crime out of control, inflation at decades-high levels, and our country flooded with illegal aliens, their failed policies leave them without anything positive to campaign on. So instead, they regurgitate the mantra handed down to them by their “leaders,” and double down on misleading, negative campaigns against their opponents. But who are the truly ill-informed extremists?

As a state representative, I frequently receive emails from constituents claiming abortion has now been made illegal in the State of New Hampshire. Each time, before responding to their statement, I ask three questions regarding abortion: 1) what is New Hampshireʼs current law; 2) what was New Hampshireʼs law before this past House Session; and 3) how did the U.S. Supreme Court decision Dobbs v. Jackson Womenʼs Health affect New Hampshireʼs current law? To date, not a single constituent has replied.

The quick answers are 1) New Hampshireʼs current law allows abortion for any reason up to 6 months and for rare circumstances after 24 weeks (including protecting the physical health and life of the mother). 2) New Hampshireʼs previous law was abortion without exception up to the day of birth, and 3) the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has absolutely zero effect on New Hampshireʼs current law. The decision simply places rulemaking back into the stateʼs hands where it belongs.

I also ask the constituents a fourth question: how many of the stateʼs Democrat legislators voted to allow abortion without restriction up to the moment of birth? Answer: Every single one of them! That, citizens, is as extreme a position as it gets. However, it goes beyond that. In 2021 when given the opportunity to pass legislation that would have required doctors to give medically necessary treatment to children who had been born alive, the New Hampshire House Democrats ran from the chambers in an attempt to keep the vote from happening by eliminating the necessary quorum. The left in our state can wail about New Hampshireʼs current law all it wants, but letʼs make sure their grotesque view on abortion is clearly seen for what it is.

In Europe, the region our socialist Americans most frequently point to for guidance, restrictions on abortions occur much earlier in pregnancy. More than 20 European countries limit abortions to 12 weeks, and several more have outright bans. Only the United Kingdom mirrors New Hampshireʼs current law of allowing abortions up to 24 weeks. No European country aligns with the Democratsʼ view that abortion should be allowed up to the day of birth.

Democrats would have you believe that the only rational, reasonable countries on this issue are China, North Korea, and Vietnam. These are the countries that share the opinion that snuffing out the lives of innocent children should be permitted up until birth. These are the countries our stateʼs Democrat legislators want us to emulate.

Our mid-term elections are just over a month away. As voters, we must all be informed on the issues and our candidates. Reject the soundbites, reject the “extremist” mantra of the far left, and above all, reject the Democrats who want to align New Hampshireʼs abortion laws with the most repressive communist countries around our globe.