We asked New Hampshire voters to entrust us with the majority of the New Hampshire Senate, promising them responsible, conservative leadership. They sent us here, and now it’s our turn to deliver on what we promised.

Our legislative agenda will focus on fighting for Granite State families who are struggling with high costs on everything from food to energy. They need help and that will be our priority.

Just as we did in the last legislative session we need to be frugal with taxpayers’ money while helping those that need it most.

If we can return money back to taxpayers, we want to do that. If we can provide more resources for energy programs, we want to do that.

Another priority is our long tradition of holding the first in the nation primary. We know that our primary is not just good for New Hampshire, but for the nation. Forcing candidates to engage with voters, answer their questions, and run grassroots, door-to-door- campaigns makes for better candidates, and better-prepared Presidents. Presidential candidates can’t get away with just running slick TV ads and that’s the beauty of our Primary. We will do everything we can to make sure that tradition continues.

Voters sent us a clear message that they want us to work together to meet these challenges. We are ready to do just that.

Our work begins with the budget. Responsible Republican leadership means a balanced budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens without raising taxes:

  • Protect recent tax reductions of business taxes, the Rooms and Meals Tax and the Interest Dividends Tax and repeal of the Electricity Consumption Tax.
  • Dedicate surplus coming from this budget to the Rainy Day Fund or return to taxpayers to lower property taxes.
  • Never ever implement income, sales or capital gains taxes.

Please take a look at our 2023 Agenda and thank you for your continued support!