Here’s some of what was included in the budget that was recently passed

As a resident in NH’s Senate District 9, I appreciate Senator Ricciardi’s sponsorship and co-sponsorship of many bills in support of families and businesses across NH.

The legislature passed a bi-partisan budget that prioritizes education, healthcare, housing, clean water, infrastructure, and economic growth, maintaining fiscal responsibility while supporting state employees and reducing local property taxes.

Ricciardi restored meals and rooms sharing with SB 99 last session, a gift that keeps on giving. Senator Ricciardi sponsored SB 289 which mandated $250M in rooms and meals revenue returned to towns to reduce property taxes.

Ricciardi co-sponsored SB 175 which expanded Medicaid pregnancy eligibility from 2 to 12 months postpartum along with other vital services. Additionally, the budget reauthorizes Granite State Advantage, a successful Medicaid expansion program which provides health insurance to residents who don’t qualify for traditional Medicaid or healthcare exchanges. This program reduces hospitals uncompensated care rates with 90% federal funding which was previously embedded in the rates of private insurance.

SB 70 allocated $20M for road and bridge infrastructure and $10M in funding for the InvestNH New Hampshire program to create affordable housing as well as $10 million for homeless shelters and aid.

Ricciardi sponsored SB 230 and SB 138 , included in the budget to provide nearly $30M for local water pollution control projects and grants for mitigating PFAS contamination in New Hampshire’s drinking water.

The state budget includes pay raises for state employees, a cost of living stipend for retirees, and changes to pension calculations for teachers and municipal employees to align with social security provisions. The pension proposal does not affect police and fire service employees who are not eligible for social security. Last session, Ricciardi supported a $43M state investment in enhancing pension benefits for police and firefighters impacted by 2011 reforms. While a $250M proposal was considered this session to restore pensions for police and firefighters, it neglected 11,000 teachers and municipal employees also affected by the 2011 reforms. A study committee was put in place to correct this for all involved.

This budget was truly a bipartisan effort to ensure the livability of the state of NH and the safety of its residents. Senator Ricciardi continues to do what she thinks is best for all the people in her district.