About Us

The New Boston Republican Committee was chartered on March 15, 2010. It was formed to promote the Republican Party, to assist local Republican candidates campaigning for office, to inform the voting public on issues, and to encourage citizens to vote.

We promote the principles of the Republican Party:

  1. Smaller government
  2. Lower taxes
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Fiscal conservatism
  5. Personal and national security

We believe that change comes from the local grassroots level and that we all need to actively participate in the process.

Monthly meetings are held at 7PM at the Whipple Library (except for July and August) with informative speakers, reviews of NH and national issues and to provide a social opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

If you would like to meet other people who share these views, we would like to meet you! Join our committee for just $10 a month, participate in our committee meetings and receive our e-mail newsletter.

The New Boston Board of Directors