About Us

The New Boston Republican Committee was chartered on March 15, 2010.  One of the purposes for forming the committee is that New Boston will gain a state representative after the completion of the US Census.  The committee will play a part in vetting Republican candidates that run for local, state and federal offices that represent the state of New Hampshire.  Having (R) next to a candidate’s name name is no reassurance to us that they hold our values which is why we ask the candidates to speak to the members of the committee and answer our questions as well as remind them that they work for us if they are elected.

Our members are made up of Republicans, independents and undeclared voters.  Many of us have been disappointed in the direction that our state and country are moving toward.  All of us are committed to meeting the men and women that are running for office and making sure that they are true Republicans – more importantly that they share our conservative values before we lend them the privilege of our endorsement and our vote.  A movement is under way across the state and country where ordinary citizens that have never been politically involved have been looking for an outlet to channel their efforts and time into something positive.   Many of us are new to things like expressing our political views, talking to neighbors without worrying about what they will think of us and even what the protocol is at a tea party gathering.  Conservatives carry the hand made signs while the other side shows up on luxury busses with mass produced, glossy signage as well as bullhorns and practiced chants.  They always seem to have the attention of the media while our participation is vastly marginalized when you see it on the news the next day.   We were never activists and we do not want to be.  We have been driven to act in defense of our morals, values and our country.

Many of us have never had a political sign in our yard either because we didn’t know who was running, what they stood for or that we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  In some cases, we even feared retaliation.  Just ask anyone that worked on a campaign for a Republican over the last several years.  I personally have found that, more often than not, when you bring up these points in everyday conversation, that you find that people are hungry for the conversation and the knowledge.  Some have been very much misinformed and just need to hear the facts. Take the mortgage crisis – the two people in charge of fixing it now were mostly responsible for the original problem and no one cares.  It is an interesting time in our history and most of us want to see justice rather than witch hunts and average people in office rather than polished politicians.  I have heard prominent businesspeople say things like they have not been paying attention and have woken up and their country is rapidly disappearing.  They want to take action and do not know where to start.  I am also a small business owner and even with the demanding tasks that face me every day, I have dedicated financial and time resources for the cause of getting our country back on course.  Very often, I hear people say “2 years ago, I could not have imagined that I would spend time getting involved with this.”  The reason that this feeling has not subsided, is because we have told the people that represent us that we are unhappy and they have snubbed us.  We are told that we are astroturf rather than grassroots and when 69% of us do not want something that will cost our children trillions of dollars, we are told that we just don’t have the capacity to make that decision.

Many of us on the NBRC have been let down by the Republican Party over the years and many of us have common ground with the Tea Party movement.  As members of the NBRC, we adopt the original points that the Republican party stands for and we intend to bring the Republican party back to these standards.  They include:

1.  Smaller government
2.  Lower taxes
3.  Personal responsibility
4.  Fiscal conservatism
5.  Personal and national security

We believe that change will come from the local grassroots level and work it’s way up.  The upcoming November election is critical in turning the tide of our country.  Everything depends on this and we all need to work together to make sure that the right candidates are on the ballot.  Voting for the lesser of the two evils is no longer acceptable.  If you would like to meet other people that share these views, we would like to meet you.  At the NBRC, you are among friends.

Respectfully submitted,

Kaleb Jacob, former Vice Chair and present member