April Update

The New Hampshire GOP has been extremely busy throughout April. In case you missed them, here are a few of our activities and accomplishments over the course of the past month.

Kamala at the Wrong Border

This past week, Vice President Kamala Harris came to town. Though her intent was to come here to promote yet another round of massive spending, this time under the guise of an “infrastructure” bill, by the time she left, the story read differently than she had hoped. 

It has now been over a month since Kamala Harris was put in charge of managing the ever-worsening border crisis. When she made her way up to New Hampshire last week, a mere 2,000 miles from the crisis she is responsible for, we were sure to meet her, reminding her that she had come to the wrong border. While the situation at our southern border continues to spiral out of control, Kamala Harris is avoiding her responsibilities at all costs, preferring photo-ops to effective leadership. When she left New Hampshire, the headlines asked the obvious question: Why had she even come here in the first place?

Bill Boyd Defeats Big Spending Democrats

April 13th was a big day for the town of Merrimack and all of New Hampshire, as the seat formerly held by the late Republican Speaker of the House, Dick Hinch, was up for grabs. By the end of the night Boyd had claimed a solid victory, and Republicans across the country were taking notice.

After losing their majorities in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Senate, and Executive Council in 2020, Democrats came into the Merrimack special election determined to turn the tide, and willing to spend whatever it took to claim victory. But the big-spending Democrats could not buy the victory they so desperately craved, despite out-spending Republicans by a 2 to 1 margin. When all votes were tallied, Republican Bill Boyd had defeated his radical opponent Wendy Thomas by a solid 8 points.

Holding Hassan Accountable – Defending the FITN Primary

Maggie Hassan has made a bad habit of putting Washington DC before her constituents here in New Hampshire. This past month she has supported legislation that could lead to the end of one of our most cherished traditions, the First in the Nation Presidential Primary. 

Earlier this month, Maggie Hassan signaled her support for HR1, a bill which would effectively federalize elections, and eliminate state oversight. Even our Democrat Secretary of State Bill Gardner, one of our primary’s fiercest defenders, testified to the United States Senate that HR1/S1 could have disastrous consequences for our state’s election laws and our presidential primary. We were quick to hold Maggie Hassan accountable, collecting thousands of signatures asking her to REJECT HR1, stop the federalization of our elections, and DEFEND our First-in-the-Nation Primary.

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