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Today our NH Senate Democrat colleagues filed for office. We look forward to hearing them try to defend their voting records during the upcoming campaign. 

  • Many of them have supported an income tax and many of them have also opposed more than $300 million dollars in local property tax relief. 
  • They have voted against giving low-income students more educational opportunities and opposed allowing parents necessary information about their children’s education. 
  • Many of our Democrat colleagues have voted against measures that have led to NH being the fifth strongest economy in the nation according to Wallet Hub and produced record budget surpluses.
  • Meanwhile, they have supported President Biden and his disastrous policies that have caused record inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, soaring food prices, baby formula shortages, open borders and dangerous increases of violent crime.

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NH Senate Republicans

Denise Ricciardi

I am excited to officially file for re-election to the State Senate today.

It has been an absolute honor and a privilege serving the residents of Senate District 9 these last two years. It has been an amazing opportunity to meet so many people across the district and learn about their families, their businesses, their struggles, and their hopes for the future of our state.

My priorities in the Senate have come from those conversations and those meetings. We provided over $400 million in local property tax relief this session, and I am proud to have sponsored legislation that increased the rate of Rooms and Meals tax revenue that gets sent back to local towns. This was important to me because it provides local property tax relief, which is sorely needed, and also because the state had been breaking its promise regarding the sharing of Rooms and Meals tax revenue for too long, and I believe government should keep its promises to the citizens it serves.

And as a member of the Senate Education Committee, and under the leadership of Chairwoman Ruth Ward, we made incredibly strides in providing more school choice to parents and more opportunities for students to get the education that they deserve, and the educational environment that works best for them.

When I first ran for Senate, I spoke about keeping promises, I think I kept the promises I made on the campaign trail, and this year I plan on campaigning just as I have done in the past; door to door, person to person, and talking about my record, and focused on the needs and concerns of my constituents.

Thanks,- Denise
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May 26th, 2022

“I am disappointed at the defeat of House Bill 1431, ‘the Parents Bill of Rights.’ School administrators and the teachers union believe they are better capable of raising children than their parents. This is something we as Republicans entirely disagree with. The failure to pass this bill is again another reason why we must increase our Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Republicans will always ensure that parents are in charge of raising their children, not the school administrators or teachers unions.”