New Hampshire State House

Concord, NH – Speaker Sherman Packard (R- Londonderry) released the following statement after Biden Administration mentions door-to-door campaign targeted at unvaccinated Americans:  

“This type of political strong-arm tactic would not be well received by citizens of the Granite State. Legislators in New Hampshire will continue the fight to protect patients’ privacy and fight against federal overreach. We are well on our way to getting families and businesses back on track. Vaccines are available to those wishing to get vaccinated, and this idea of going door-to-door to private homes is not something we would ever consider or welcome here.”

Leader Osborne Statement on President Biden’s Vaccine Tactics

“The Biden Administration has made it abundantly clear that they are not shy about intruding on Americans’ right to medical privacy. The President’s call to begin targeting the doors of unvaccinated individuals is yet another reminder that this administration will trample our liberties if left unchecked. The Republican caucus remains committed to continuing our work to strengthen medical freedom and preserve privacy rights in New Hampshire. Granite Staters exercising their right to refuse a medical treatment should not be subject to an intimidation campaign at their doorstep. When the government tries to intrude on our households, it is up to us to slam the door in their face.”

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