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Digital Activism

Making Change Through Digital Activism It’s easier for you today to reach a million people than it was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. That’s the power of digital activism. As a candidate or activist, you’re looking to create change by getting elected or influencing legislation and policy. But many of you think you need permission from gatekeepers and don’t realize the power you have in your hand right now. You can build, own, and operate your own independent influencing machine by learning how to become a Digital Activist.

This course will teach you the strategies, tactics, and tools that will empower you to bypass the gatekeepers and take your message directly to your own audience. You’ll learn why almost everything candidates are taught and advised to do is a bad idea in the digital age and what to do instead. You’ll learn how to plan, build, and execute a digital strategy. And you’ll become familiar with the tools and technologies that make it all happen.

The course is one night per week for 6 weeks. Dinner is provided for all attendees.

Week 1 – Jan 12, 2022: Introduction – Stop Serving Meatball Sundaes

Week 2 – Jan 19, 2022: Facebook Essentials

Week 3 – Jan 26, 2022: Digital Strategy Essentials

Week 4 – Feb 2, 2022: Digital Infrastructure

Week 5 – Feb 9, 2022: Content Essentials

Week 6 – Feb 16, 2022: Advertising Essentials

Sign up at bit.ly/DigitalActivism22

Christopher Maidment

Grassroots Engagement Director | Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

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